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Whether you are the buyer or the seller, a real estate closing represents months of hard work and preparation. With so much on the line, you would not want to leave anything to chance. By working with an experienced real estate attorney, you can protect your interests throughout the closing.

At Papadopoulos-Vlantes and Moehring, our real estate lawyers represent New York and New Jersey residents in residential and commercial closings. When you work with our firm, your case will not be handed off to an assistant or paralegal. You will work directly with your attorney so that you can gain a thorough understanding of the documents involved in a closing and what your rights are at every stage.

Handling Residential and Commercial Real Estate Closings

We take a detail-oriented approach to the closing process and can help you with all types of real estate issues and documents, including:

  • Contracts: When you are signing a real estate sales agreement, a mortgage or other real estate contract, we can help you understand the terms of your agreement and how these documents will affect you now and in the future.
  • Title review: We will review the title to the property you are buying or selling, including title insurance policies, title opinions and abstracts. We can also review, prepare and file the deed to your property and help you resolve any title issues.
  • Mortgage and financing issues: An issue with financing can delay a closing and keep you from moving forward with the process. As experienced attorneys, we are adept at negotiation and handling issues with lenders.

We work hand in hand with reputable title companies who insure the title of the purchase of your home or commercial property. Additionally, we are familiar with the realtors in our area. Whether you are selling your co-op or buying a commercial property, we stand ready to help you protect your investment.

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Clients benefit from our experience and our familiarity with local judges. We understand what the judges are looking for, and can work quickly to exceed their expectations.

With offices in Jersey City, New Jersey and the Bronx, New York, we are ready to help clients across New York State and New Jersey get the legal counsel they deserve. We accept all major credit cards. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, there is a consultation fee of $50.00. The consultation fee of $50.00 enables you to spend all the time you need to discuss your case without being rushed, and also entitles you to all the follow-up questions you may have after the initial meeting. We speak English, Greek and Spanish.

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Clientes se benefician de nuestra experiencia y con la familiadia con los Juezes local. Nosotros entendemos que los Juezes estan buscando y podemos trabajar lijero para aseder las expectaciones de los Juezes.

Con oficinas en Jersey City, Nueva Jersey y en el Bronx, Nueva York, estamos preparado para ayudar clientes en los Estados de Nueva York y Nueva Jersey para que reciban los consejos legal que merecen. Nosotros aceptamos todo mayoria de tarjetas de credito. Pongase en contacto con nosotros hoy para hacer una cita, hay una consulta de $50.00. La consulta de $50.00 es para que usted tenga todo el tiempo que necesita para habla sobre su caso sin tener que ser apurado y tambien para cualquel preguntas que usted tenga, despues de la cita inicial.

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